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So you want to support an independent and responsible business? Well you've come to the right place! 

I started this company in 2018, with the aim of bringing you products that you love which also add value to the world. This is how I've landed on socks as my headline product. I can assume most people will not buy socks second hand, so there is a market for conscious, good quality socks.

Plus with donations going to animal conservation - even better!

The socks themselves are made in a factory in Istanbul. It is a third generation family-run factory, fully BSCI and SEDEX audited with all workers over the age of 18 and receiving fair wages.

So now, a bit about me....


Hi, I’m Lucy, the founder of Bare Kind. I love animals, and wanted to be a vet when I was younger (now scared of needles so that dream won't become reality), but now I feel like I have truly found my purpose in the work I am doing with Bare Kind. There is something wonderful about being able to have an impact on the world with the humble sock. The charities I work with are doing such brilliant work and I am so glad I can help in my own way.

Andy - Strategy & Direction

Hi, I’m Andy, and I’ve been helping Lucy with Bare Kind since the start when we were selling straws! Now that we are on Socks, I joined our mission full-time Jan 2022. Growing up we were surrounded by animals in Australia, whether down at the beach in the water, in bush with kangaroos or at home with our dog, turtle, chickens and fish! My hope is that our mission of donating 10% of our profits encourages all businesses to donate 10% of their profits, imagine the impact we could have on the world!

Jess - Marketing & Design 

Hello, I’m Jess and I work behind the scenes on all things social media, marketing and general day-to-day sock business! Bare Kind’s mission to save endangered species and protecting our beautiful and diverse planet is so important to me and I’m happy I get to work alongside Lucy and the rest of the team to help as many animals as we can.

Bushra - Email & Website Development 

Ciao! I’m Bushra, recently graduated from WBS and joined BK during my intermediate year summer as an intern. I part-timed during final year, and continued full time as soon as exams were over! After graduation, I also moved to Italy, so I’m simultaneously enjoying the sun and animal-saving life with BK :) BK and Lucy are true to their word and inspiring, and there’s so much opportunity for growth as a community and individual, that I’m grateful to be here. In the end, I’m super excited to save all endangered animals with our team and community! 

Beth - Wholesale Growth

Hey, I’m Beth and I’ve recently joined the Bare Kind team, working mainly on wholesale. After completing my studies at Warwick in June, I joined Bare Kind as an intern, and have stayed ever since! I’ve always cared deeply about protecting our planet and so I’ve been very grateful for the chance to work for such a conscious company. It’s been lovely to work with such an enthusiastic team and community of customers who are all so committed to protecting the animals.

Martyna - Design

Hi, I’m Martyna and I’ve joined the Bare Kind team as a content creator intern this summer!  With the use of both traditional and digital art, I am producing various visuals for Bare Kind, such as animations, photography, boxes, social media, and recently sock designs! As a Global Sustainable Development student, I’ve been trying to link my passion for the environment and arts. That’s why working for an environmentally conscious company is so important and fullfiling to me.

Fuji - CDO

And finally say hello to the youngest and fluffiest member of the team. This is Fuji, he was rescued from a shelter and hired as Chief Distraction Officer, he is probably the source of most procrastination when I am working from home with him!

That's us! 

All support is appreciated, and I'd love to hear from you so please drop me a message or chuck me a follow.

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