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Bare Kind Press Release


Environmentally-conscious company, Bare Kind, donates to animal-saving charities with every pair of socks sold.

Bare Kind is a UK based business proving that responsibly made products that improve our world, rather than damage it, is essential to the modern day consumer. They want their customers to be able to give back to the world with every purchase which is why with every pair they buy.

Bare Kind donates 10% of the profits from every pair of socks to help save the species on the sock. 

Consumers have spoken in a 2020 survey which found, 67 percent consider the use of sustainable materials to be an important purchasing factor, and 63 percent consider a brand’s promotion of sustainability in the same way. We’re proud to have been using bamboo fibres for the past three years and found that it: grows fast and has larger yields, it’s soft, moisture-wicking, and is antibacterial. We want our customers to know that when buying socks from us, they are buying a high quality product made from an environmentally conscious fabric that will last.

The fashion industry is destroying the rainforest, single handedly chopping down 150 million trees every year. Simply put: this is not sustainable. Our world is fragile and more species are endangered each year. Although fast fashion retailers keep their price tags low by not taking accountability for environmental damage, the price of loosing the Earth’s diverse species is high.

However Bare Kind is taking action by donating ten percent of the profits from every pair of socks purchased to charities protecting and preserving endangered animals. With every four pairs of orangutan socks sold, Bare Kind and its customers can save an acre of forest for a whole year through the Orangutang Foundation which is just one charity we support. In 2021, Bare Kind has funded the protection of over 400 acres of tropical rainforest. We believe it is our responsibility to protect what is left and these vital steps Bare Kind are taking will help us, and our customers, to have a positive impact on the world.

“We want our customers to be able to give back to the world, feel good about their purchase and have their favourite animal on the socks! There is just something very satisfying about a good pair of socks and contributing to the conservation of animals at the same time. Working on these causes that I care about is helping me build a legacy I can be proud of.”

            - Lucy, Founder of Bare Kind

Bare Kind has gone from strength this year. Lucy quit her job at HSBC in December 2020 and since then has hired a couple of members of staff, outsourced all operations to a fulfilment warehouse and received £50,000 in investment funding. 

What's next? More socks, more charity partnerships and more animals saved! 


Notes for editor

About Bare Kind:

Bare Kind is a conscientious and environmentally responsible business, ethically sourcing bamboo to create our headline product: socks. Bare Kind believes in creating high quality, conscious, and sustainable products that add value to the world, which is why our socks are special; with every pair sold we donate to a charity that saves endangered animals. The production factory where Bare Kind socks are made is audited by SEDEX and BSCI which is how we know workers are over the age of 18 and on a fair wage. Our fibres are certified OEKO-TEX which is how we know the dyes are non toxic. We use a lorry, where possible, rather than a plane to reduce our carbon emissions. Our packaging is plastic free and recyclable.

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Financial distribution made by Best Stocks