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It's important to understand where the items you buy are coming from, which is why we ensure to have an excellent relationship with my suppliers so we can communicate the right information and continue to learn. 

Bare Kind bamboo socks are sourced from a 3rd generation family-run factory in Istanbul. This is a fully SEDEX audited factory, which tells us that there are only workers over the age of 18 working there and they are on fair wages and hours. 

The fibre itself comes with a multitude of certifications such as OEKO-TEX which ensures the dyes used are non toxic.

The socks are shipped over on a lorry where possible, rather than a plane, which emits far less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

Bamboo is becoming a popular fabric choice. It is faster growing and has larger yields than standard sources for fibres, not to mention the physical benefits you receive from the product  - incredibly soft, moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial. The second-hand option is usually the most sustainable option at hand, but with socks there is less of a market for this, so where possible, you should buy high-quality products you know are going to last.

All packaging is recyclable, read on via the following link to find out more about all our packaging choices.

If you have any questions, drop us an email at hello@barekind.co.uk