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Corporate Gifting, 

levelled up

An all-in-one, custom gifting service with impact

This is where your company can curate meaningful gifts for your employees, clients and events

Bare Kind's all-in-one gifting service delivers custom, high-quality and comfortable bamboo socks that also donate 10% of profits to your unique cause, be it social or environmental.

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Bare Kind is B-Corp Certified

How corporate gifting with BK works

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Show us your vision! 

Let us know what style of sock you're after: ribbed or classic, crew cut or ankle cut, spots or stripes or plain and more! Let us know your colours and where you'd like your brand logo. 

Then we get cooking, and we'll produce the socks for you!

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Make it meaningful (and branded!).

There are two steps here: 

1. pick where you'd like to donate the 10% of profits on these socks to and, 

2. write your letter to the gift recipient explaining the social impact behind their gift! 

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Decide when and where you'd like to send your gift. 

For companies looking to send gifts at scale to employees across the year, we can schedule these in for you to send when you'd like. 

For one-off client gifts, just give us the deets and your gifts are on their way!

Get a quote!

Leave us what you're interested in below, and we'll get back in touch as fast a bunny hops! 

Gifting with meaning 

The humble sock can make a difference. It can change the world, far beyond human hands - through the power of collaboration and partnership. Here's how: 

By default, 10% of our profits are donated to 30+ global wildlife charities, fuelling projects that protect and enhance habitats.

Together with corporate gifting, we can spread the joy of humble yet comfortable bamboo socks that do good beyond our own feet even further.

Tiger in a jungle looking in the distance


See how companies just like you have found our corporate gifting scheme!

"They were so well received with all their amazing designs"

At VetCT, we love to send gifts to all the team for Christmas and Birthdays

I first purchased Bare Kind socks as Christmas gifts for everyone in 2021 (246 pairs to be exact). 

They were so well received with all their amazing designs, and the fact that each pair goes towards saving endangered species, 

they are sustainably-sourced and the packaging is 100% recyclable

We have continued to use Bare Kind but this time for birthday gifts, mixing the designs up each year as there are so many to choose from! 

If you are looking for comfy and cosy socks that save animals, I highly recommend Bare Kind!


Corporate Gifting Client

What your impact Can look like

we funded 11 miles of habitat along the National Rail for bumblebees
we funded the protection of 924 acres of rainforest land for jungle animals
we funded the planting of 110 mangrove trees to protect coastlines from rising sea levels for the polar bears and walruses

Who can you use this service for?

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Whether it's a gift for new hire, high performer employee, or birthday, or you're looking for general brand swagger, we've got you covered 💪

After all, custom-made, ethical, and sustainable sourced yet practical socks are way better than your competitor's mugs gifted to employees at the year-end... 👀

Plus it's fun to start the working day with a nice pair of comfortable socks from your company 🥰

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Surprise the best partners and clients in the world with beautiful, comfortable, custom socks for Christmas, birthdays or after a project's completion 🙌

The best part? 

These gifts fit right through the letterbox! 📮

We know how busy people can get; not everyone's home even in a remote-working world to collect deliveries 🧦

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Upcoming conference, expo or trade-show? 

We know how hectic those get... And getting yourself to stand out can be a wild ride. 😪

How about instead of chocolates and pens to set you apart, your bright, wild, sophisticated socks steal the show? 🏆

Besides, everyone needs socks, and with how technically perfect these socks are built, your guests will love you for it! 


I need to send gifts to each of my employee addresses, can you help with this?

Of course! 

We can either send a bulk box of socks to your preferred address for you to distribute, or we can deliver to each employee address around the world. We will provide you with a quote based on how many socks you are sending and to which countries. 

Can you add a note into the parcels?

Yes, we can design a bespoke note to go in each parcel. 

These notes cannot be personalised to every single employee but you can provide us with any messaging, imagery and branding you’d like included.

Is there a minimum order size?

Our minimum order value is £150, at this amount you will receive wholesale prices. 

How much will this service cost me?

This depends on how many pairs of socks you are sending and to where. 

It costs more to send socks individually to employees compared to receiving the socks in bulk to your office. Prices start at £3.95 + VAT for the socks, postage and note inserts will be in addition to this. 

Can you send them to each employee for their birthdays?

Yes, this is a service we have provided with great success.

Some companies like to gift in bulk at one time of year such as Christmas or company retreats/conferences, but we also work with companies who want employees to receive a gift on their birthday. 

All we need is their address and birthday (besides your sock design), then you can confidently leave the rest to us!

How can I start using your corporate gifting service?

Get in touch via wholesale@barekind.co.uk or sign up using the form below. 

Provide us with all the information you have, if you are unsure what you’d like we can quote on multiple options. 

Ready to ace corporate gifts?

Chat with Lucy, our founder, directly and let us know what you're looking for to get your quote and knock their socks off!