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Practical Business Tips | #04 | How to avoid burn out


This one is a big topic for us all at the moment. We all need a holiday, we all need a break from the same scenery and the groundhog days. 

When I started working full time on Bare Kind, I had boundless energy and enthusiasm, I was loving life. I would happily work all the time. 

In hindsight I can see that burn out was creeping up on me, with the Jaws theme tune blaring in the background - it was so obvious and yet I ignored all signs and kept working. 

And then I had the audacity to question why I was lacking motivation for the work I was lapping up just a month previously. Why am I procrastinating? Stupid brain, pull yourself together. 

So, apparently the trick to avoiding burn out is prevention. Much like I must slather on some SPF in this mild April sun, steps have to be to be taken before it's too late and you have to take a lengthier break to recover (enter Aloe Vera after sun in this metaphor). 

How to avoid Burn Out:

So here are some anti-burn out tips, a few things that you need to do ahead of any burn out, because if you have already started experiencing the symptoms then you have left it too late!

1. Give yourself X minutes every morning to do something you enjoy.

X is an appropriate amount of time as per your life. I personally am lucky enough to give myself an hour (no kids, just rabbits) but I know others would be hard pressed to even find 30 minutes in the morning. 

It's important to take enjoyment out of this morning time. Stretch, breathe, exercise, go outside, read. There are HEAPS of books on what you should do with your morning routine. I say try out a few things and stick with what works for you, and don't be too harsh on yourself if you have to change this routine up, shit happens.

2. Give yourself a cheeky half day.

Again, not everyone can do this. I run my own schedule, and only now am I really starting to make the most of it. My friend is off work on Friday so I am meeting her for lunch - because I want to, and I can. When I look at one of the many reasons I decided to work for myself, one of them was the flexibility. So I'm going to start living up to the fun schedule I promised myself.

3. The art of stopping.

I listened to a podcast called 'The One you Feed', the episode was about the art of stopping. They discussed how our human brains were not built for all the stimulation we currently receive. We are non-stop, all day every day. Whether that's work, friends, kids, social media, tv, travelling, working out, meal planning, shopping.... We are non-stop. 

We all feel like we are in one massive race against time...we must be fulfilled, find ourselves, leave a legacy, have fun, make money...all before we die. The point is that in the art of stopping, you will find the clarity and peace your brain needs to truly make the most of life.

So ask yourself, when did you last stop? I know that even in my supposed 'down-time' I still have to be occupying myself, no wonder my brain is frazzled. 

4. Breaks are more important than checking emails 

Everything in your inbox can wait. 


I'd love to hear how you break away from work and give yourself the head space you need.

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