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Our Charity Partners

10% of profits on every Bare Kind bamboo sock is donated 

to one of our 35+ partnered charities. We're excited to expand

 our network and save more animals as the years go on! 

Badger in the grass

Save the Badgers

With Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Grey seal laying down looking happy

Save the Seals

With Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust

Brown bear resting on fallen tree

Save the Bears

With Animals Asia

Baby tiger sitting in the grass

Save the Tigers

With Rainforest Trust UK

Two orcas swimming

Save the Orcas

With Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Otter swimming in water

Save the Otters

With Wild Otter Trust

Bumblebee on yellow flower

Save the Bumblebees

With Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Black panther in green grass

Save the Black Panthers

With Rainforest Trust UK

Brown cow

Save the Cows

With The Farm Animal Sanctuary

Humpback whale peaking out of water

Save the Whales

With Whale and Dolphin Conservation Trust

Lemur on rock

Save the Lemur

With Rainforest Trust UK

Elephants walking in a green bush

Save the Elephants

With David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Baby turtle hatchling on a sandy beach

Save the Turtles

With The Turtle Foundation

Orangutan sitting in a tree

Save the Orangutans

With The Orangutan Foundation

Hammerhead shark swimming in the sea

Save the Sharks

With Love The Oceans

Blue dart frog on a leaf in the jungle

Save the Frogs

With Rainforest Trust UK

Pink flamingo in nature

Save the Flamingoes

Galapagos Conservation Trust

Penguin on the beach

Save the Penguins


Giraffe reaching up to leaves

Save the Giraffes

With Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Platypus in the water

Save the Platypus

With Australian Wildlife Conservancy

European hedgehog walking on the forest floor

Save the Hedgehogs

With British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Gorilla holding a baby gorilla in the bushes

Save the Gorillas

With Rainforest Trust UK

Lioness cleaning her lion cubs

Save the Lions

With David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Colourful gouldian finch sitting on a branch

Save the Gouldian Finches

With Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Eagle spotted ray swimming in the ocean

Save the Eagle Spotted Rays

With Love The Oceans

Panda eating bamboo

Save the Pandas

With Pandas International

Pangolin walking

Save the Pangolins

With David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Numbat surrounded by a leafy plant

Save the Numbats

With Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Pig on a farm

Save the Pigs

With The Farm Animal Sanctuary

Polar bear on an ice sheet

Save the Polar Bears

With Sea Trees

Puffin on a cliff edge

Save the Puffins

With Scottish Seabird Centre

Walrus on beach with other walruses

Save the Walruses

With Sea Trees

Red panda sitting on a tree branch

Save the Red Pandas

With Rainforest Trust UK

Wallaby in the grass

Save the Wallabies

With Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Rabbit in the grass

Save the Rabbits

With One Bun at a Time

Baby rhino during golden hour

Save the Rhinos

With Helping Rhinos

Red squirrel eating a nut

Save the Red Squirrels

With Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Bats hanging upside down from tree

Save the Bats

With Bat Conservation Trust

Toucan with orange beak sitting on branch

Save the Toucans

With Rainforest Trust UK

Yellow seahorse swimming

Save the Seahorses

With Seahorse Trust UK

Sunbear walking through the grass

Save the Sun Bears

With Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Fox looking into water

Save the Foxes

With Brent Lodge Wildlife Trust

Wolf looking into camera lens

Save the Wolves

Wolves and Humans Foundation

snow leopard resting on rocks

Save the Snow Leopards

Snow Leopard Trust


Save the Sheep

Farm Animal Sanctuary


Save the Koalas

Australian Wildlife Conservancy


Save the Hippos

African Parks


Save the Horses

Hope Pastures

swallowtail butterfly

Save the Butterflies

Butterfly Conservation


Save the Zebras

African Parks


Save the Reindeers

Help us find a charity


Save the Sloths

Rainforest Trust UK

amur leopard

Save the Leopards

Rainforest Trust UK


Save the Beavers

Citizen Zoo

barn owl

Save the Barn Owls

North Wales Wildlife Trust


Save the Chickens

Farm Animal Sanctuary


Save the Donkeys

Hope Pastures


Save the Ducks

Farm Animal Sanctuary


Save the Hares

North Wales Wildlife Trust

harvest mice

Save the Harvest Mice

Citizen Zoo


Save the Storks

Citizen Zoo