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We've made it easy for you to find the right sock size for yourself and loved ones! 


Size Conversion Chart 

Below, you can find the size guidance we have based on age, and whether you follow UK, USA, or EU shoe sizing. 

BK Socks size chart for UK, USA, and EU

Adult sizes

Our socks are universal, so mens socks and ladies socks have the same sizing

Most of our socks are available in UK sizes 7-11 & 4-7. If you're a size 7, we suggest buying size 7-11 for the best fit. 

However, we do have extra large mens socks available in this XL Collection. They are UK Size 11-15. 

Kids sizes

Our kids socks are available in UK sizes 12-3, 9-12, and 6-9. You can shop the kids range here