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Rabbits! Fun facts and endangerment status!


rabbit laying on bed, with a woman in the background, blurred out, stroking the fur on its back

Furry, adorable, soft to touch... maybe a little messy and chaotic... Except, you can't help wanting to play with them all day!

Did you know? 

There are several species of rabbits and hares that are decreasing in population (IUCN), despite their supposed breeding habits. Although, its worth noting that not many of them are in a sticky enough situation to be classified as endangered. Still, there are countless cases of rabbits being given away for free - or outright abandoned - after being neglected or riddled with illness.

Fun Facts

Social Bunnies! 

lonely bunny is a sad bunny. Rabbits are happiest when accompanied by one of their own; a neutered male and neutered female is the best combination. In the wild, they live in groups in 'warrens': a series of tunnels and rooms dug underground!

Teeth and Nails 

Rabbit teeth are very strong and never stop growing. In the wild, bunnies keep their teeth from overgrowing by eating fresh grass and hay - which is meant to be 90% of a rabbit's diet. Their nails are similarly kept from overgrowing with burrowing. Domestic rabbits need some more care because they live gentler lives: so watch out for the vein along their nails when you trim them! 

Happy Bunny! 

Similarly to cats, rabbits purr when feeling content and relaxed. To make things even cuter, they'll roll their ears down over their eyes when having a wash, and when filled with pure joy, they perform a 'binky' - happy hopping, twisting the body and kicking their feet mid air! Rabbits need at least 4 hours of exercise a day to prevent boredom and osteoporosis - so let them run around!

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes! 

Rabbit ears can grow up to 10 cm in length and can rotate 180 degrees - they can also hear from two directions at once! They have sweat glands in their feet pads, and although they're born with their eyes shut, they have an almost 360 degree vision!

Did you know they're actually pretty clean and groom themselves around 5 times a day? 

Found a lost Bun?

If you ever see a rabbit in a worrying condition, contact One Bun at a Time to help rescue it! 

Want to Help Save the Rabbits? 

Bare Kind donates 10% of profits on our Save the Rabbits socks to One Bun at a Time, who offer several rescue and treatment services to lost, abandoned, abused and unwell rabbits. Curious about how our socks help their mission? 

  • 40 socks pays for a variety of things covering monthly maintenance, including pellets, dried forage, hay, fresh veg and toys!
  • 100 socks covers vaccinations costs, protecting bunnies from several diseases and illnesses,
  • 200 socks covers the cost of neutering a bunny and 240 socks allows practitioners to spay a bunny: both these services protect them from testicular cancers and undesirable hormonal-induced behaviors! 

It's currently Christmas season, so lets save as many of our little furry friends as possible and give them a warm and happy Christmas in the arms of humans that love them! 

bunny sitting on sheets, by a human that pets them gently

Got little kids around? 

Fancy gifting them a pair of rabbit socks? We've got you covered! Check our adorable Save the Rabbits kids socks and our even more varied selection of kids socks here! 

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