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World Frog Day: fun facts and endangerment status

Happy World Frog Day!

On the 20th of March, we celebrate one of the most fascinating and diverse groups of animals on the planet – frogs. 

birds-eye view of a green frog on a lilypad in a pond

Hopping right

Here are some frog fun facts we loved discovering when we launched our bamboo frog socks! 

Skin breathers! 

Frogs can breathe through their skin, which allows them to absorb oxygen directly from the air and water (National Geographic). This unique ability is called cutaneous respiration.

Long jump! Scratch that, it's high jumps! 

Some frogs can jump up to 20 times their body length in a single leap (Smithsonian Magazine). The South American horned frog holds the record for the longest jump by a frog, which is over six feet in a single bound.

Eyeballs for sight and swallowing 

Frogs have a unique way of swallowing their food. They use their eyes to push the food down their throats, as their eyeballs are attached to their mouth, which helps them to swallow larger prey (Encyclopedia Britannica).

frog looking above a pond with a butterfly on its nose

The world's smallest frog 

Discovered in Papua New Guinea, the Paedophryne Amauensis is only 7.7 millimetres long. It was uncovered in 2009 (BBC News).

Golden but poison  

The golden poison frog is one of the most toxic animals in the world. Its skin contains enough poison to kill up to 20 humans (National Geographic).

golden poison frog poised on pebbles near a waterfall

Ecosystem Watch-Frogs! 

Frogs are important indicators of the health of an ecosystem. They are sensitive to changes in their environment and can be used to detect pollution and other environmental issues (Encyclopedia Britannica).

Hide and seek with frogs  

Some species of frogs can change colour for camouflage or communication purposes. This ability is called chromatophores (Encyclopedia Britannica).

The largest amphibian in the world... 

The Chinese giant salamander is the largest amphibian in the world, reaching lengths of up to six feet. It is also critically endangered due to over-harvesting for use in traditional medicine (National Geographic).

Superstition surrounding frogs

In some cultures, frogs are considered to be symbols of good luck, fertility, and transformation. In others, they are seen as a sign of danger or evil (Encyclopedia Britannica).

Are frogs extinct? Are frogs endangered? What's the conservation update for frogs? 

Despite their fascinating characteristics and importance in ecosystems, many frog species are threatened with extinction. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), around 40% of all frog species are threatened with extinction, making them one of the most endangered groups of animals on the planet. 

frog on a lillypad

What threatens frogs? 

Almost as always, habitat loss bounces to the top of the list of threats to animals, globally. 

How can you help save the frogs? 

On this World Frog Day, let's share the news about frogs with friends and family. Pick your favourite fact and let's start fighting for them as we wear our frog socks! 

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Bare Kind's save the frog bamboo socks helped fund the protection of 900+ acres of rainforest land with the Rainforest Trust UK! That's incredible. Not only did we help conserve the frog habitat, but we also helped protect rainforests for many more jungle and forest animals, including leopards, elephants, toucans and more! 

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bare kind's save the frog bamboo socks

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