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World Pig Day

Celebrating World Pig Day: Pigs Are Awesome and Deserve Our Protection

The 1st of March is World Pig Day where we celebrate and raise awareness about these amazing animals 🐷 🧠

Pigs are often misunderstood and mistreated, but they are intelligent, social, and emotional creatures with a rich history of domestication and companionship. So today, let's explore some interesting facts about pigs to help spread the love! 

Fun facts about the pigs

🐷 Intellect and memory 💭

Pigs are intelligent animals, capable of problem-solving and learning from their experiences. According to Scientific American, some scholars consider pigs smarter than dogs and some primates! For one, National Geographic notes that pigs have excellent long-term memory, recalling people and places after many years! Better yet, humane Society International discovered that pigs make excellent foragers and hunters. How? Because they have a terrific sense of smell, capable of detecting odours up to 7 miles away! Who knew canines weren't the only ones with impressive noses? Let us know in the comments below! 

🐷 Social and emotional 🐾

Pigs are also known for their social behaviour, living in groups and establishing complex social hierarchies. According to World Animal Protection, pigs are also capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions, including joy, love, anger, and even jealousy. 

🐷 Expressive 💧

They communicate using varied vocalisations, including grunts, squeals, and screams. A pig's communication system is unique and permits a wide range of emotions to be conveyed (Smithsonian Magazine). As if this weren't enough, the BBC announced that pigs are known to be physically affectionate, often snuggling with each other and their human caretakers!

🧐 So, why should we care about pigs? Are pigs being hurt? 😨

Like any marvellous natural resource, pigs are subject to exploitation.

Despite their many positive qualities, they are often mistreated and misunderstood. Frequently, pigs are farmed in overcrowded and unsanitary factories, falling victim to cruel and inhumane practices such as tail docking, ear notching, and castration without anaesthesia (as revealed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)).

sad pig in pig pen in dim conditions

Worse yet, The Farm Animal Sanctuary note that, due to their intellect, pigs are often used in medical research, subject to painful experiments and testing. 

How can we help save the pigs from cruel farming and testing? 

Fortunately, many organisations and individuals are working to protect and advocate for pigs. One of these organisations is The Farm Animal Sanctuary (FAS).

We've partnered with this incredible charity on three of our bamboo socks that save animals. Our pig socks, sheep socks and cow socks all donate 10% of profits to save the pigs, sheep and cows! 

The FAS work to provide a safe and loving home for pigs (and other farm animals!) that have been rescued from abuse and neglect. Other activities in the charity include raising awareness about the plight of pigs in the food and medical industries. 

How did our pig socks help fight for the pigs? 

We funded bags of food for the pigs at the Sanctuary. Our sheep and cow socks also did the same! Together, we helped ensure that these farm animals were well-fed in good conditions. 

we funded 3 bags of pig feed with the Farm Animal Sanctuary! 

Concluding notes 

Pigs are intriguing animals that deserve our respect and protection from mass farming (that too in poor conditions) and medical testing. They are intelligent, emotional, and social creatures with unique personalities and behaviours. 

On World Pig Day, let’s celebrate the wonder of pigs and raise awareness about the importance of treating them with kindness and compassion. By doing so, we can help to create a better world for all animals, including our beloved pig friends.

To save even more pigs and donate more to the Farm Animal Sanctuary, find your pig socks here!

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