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Hi, I'm Lucy

I started this company in 2018 intending to bring you products that you love while also adding value to the world. 

That's how I landed on socks as my headline product. But we weren't always about socks- at the start, we sold metal straws, t-shirts, and even tote bags. Who knows, maybe you've seen someone using them! 

In any case, I can assume most people wouldn't buy socks secondhand, so there is a market for consciously-made, high-quality socks.

Plus, with donations going to animal conservation - even better! We donate 10% of the profits from every pair to save the animal on the socks. Each pair is linked with an awesome charity partner who are doing incredible work for these animals.

Lucy preparing to post her first order of socks

The socks themselves are made in a factory in Istanbul. It is a third-generation family-run factory, fully BSCI and SEDEX audited, with all workers over 18 and receiving fair wages.

So now, a bit about me...

I love animals, and wanted to be a vet when I was younger (now scared of needles, so that dream won't become a reality)! 

But now I feel like I have truly found my purpose in the work I am doing with Bare Kind. There is something wonderful about being able to have an impact on the world with the humble sock. The charities I work with are doing such brilliant work and I am so glad I can help in my way. 

Fun fact: my first word was socks! So it's very fitting that this is where I am now.

The idea to save animals more

I knew, inherently, that we could make socks better: more eco-friendly, more comfortable, more sustainable. And I can save far more animals through socks than straws with profit donations! After all, everyone needs a good pair of socks (or twenty).

I want to make people happy with socks. Knowing that their purchase, those socks, are doing good beyond taking care of their feet. 

My first sock product was turtle socks, and in that same launch, I designed orangutans, amur leopards, penguins, and bees. 

Bare Kind's last market stall

As the months continued, Bare Kind's Team grew, and our product range grew with it! Now we're partnered with 25+ charities, 10 of which are UK-based, and we save dozens of animals!

I'm so proud of the community we've built together through socks and the knowledge we get to share about animals thanks to our work. 

Here's to saving even more endangered animals with socks! 


Hi, I’m Andy, and I’ve been helping Lucy with Bare Kind since the start when we were selling straws! 

Now that we are on Socks, I joined our mission full-time Jan 2022. 

Growing up we were surrounded by animals in Australia, whether down at the beach in the water, in the bush with kangaroos, or at home with our dog, turtle, chickens, and fish! 

My hope is that our mission of donating 10% of our profits encourages all businesses to donate 10% of their profits, imagine the impact we could have on the world!

Andy and Lucy


And finally, say hello to the youngest and fluffiest member of the team. This is Fuji, he was rescued from a shelter and hired as Chief Distraction Officer, he is probably the source of most procrastination when I am working from home with him!

That's us! 

All support is appreciated, and I'd love to hear from you so please drop me a message or chuck me a follow.

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In the meantime, check out the latest socks here.

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