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Save the Badgers and Foxes

With Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Badgers and foxes are two iconic species in the United Kingdom and play important ecological roles within their habitats. Unfortunately, both species face numerous threats that put them at risk of endangerment. We want to create socks that give our customers the chance to make impactful differences with their purchases so supporting a charity to protect badgers and foxes can make a significant impact in preserving these species for future generations.

Badgers are facing threats from habitat loss, disease, and persecution. Badger populations in the UK have declined by 30% in the last 25 years. One of the biggest threats to badgers is bovine tuberculosis, a disease that can be spread to cattle and has led to controversial culling programs aimed at reducing badger populations. In addition to this, badgers also face habitat loss as a result of development, agriculture, and other land-use changes. By supporting charities that work to protect badgers and their habitats, we can help to preserve these animals and their important role in the UK's ecosystems.

Badger in grasslands
Fox resting near tree trunk

Similarly, foxes also face threats to their populations. There are an estimated 150,000 adult foxes in the UK. Foxes play an important role in controlling rodent populations and are also an important food source for other predators. However, urbanisation and changes in land use are threatening their habitats, while hunting and trapping remain controversial practices that contribute to their decline. By supporting charities that work to protect foxes and their habitats, we can contribute to preserving the diversity of the UK's wildlife and supporting healthy ecosystems.

Overall, protecting badgers and foxes is important for the preservation of biodiversity in the UK. Supporting charities that work to protect these species can help to ensure that they continue to play their vital ecological roles and contribute to the health and diversity of the UK's wildlife.

Badger populations in the UK have declined by 30% in the last 25 years and there are an estimated 150,000 adult foxes left in the UK.

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital is a charity that works to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured and orphaned wildlife in the UK. They provide veterinary care, shelter, and food to animals in need, with the ultimate goal of releasing them back into the wild.

The work of Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital is important because it helps to protect and preserve the UK's wildlife populations. By rescuing and rehabilitating injured or orphaned animals, they ensure that these animals have the best chance of survival and can contribute to the health and diversity of their ecosystems. Additionally, their efforts to educate the public about wildlife conservation and animal welfare help to raise awareness and promote responsible behaviour towards wildlife.

Badger cub receiving treatment from the Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Photo provided by the Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

We funded 38 antibiotic treatments for foxes 

and badgers suffering from illnesses.  

We donate 10% of profits from your 

badger and fox socks to

BrentLodgeWildlifeHospital Logo

Our philosophy

​​Restoring the biodiversity of our planet and its varied species is at the core of Bare Kind’s mission. By donating 10% of gross profits to charities that support the animals on our socks, we can continue fighting the fight against species extinction.

Bare Kind has been able to achieve an all-time high of donations in recent years. The business expanded its sock range to 40+ pairs and supports 25+ charities.

Our Charity Impact Reports highlight the projects we have been able to fund with our charity partners and the incredible animals we support. 

Our hope is that something as humble as a pair of socks can make a lasting impression on our world and change it for the better. A huge thank you goes out to all our customers who have wanted to make a difference and empower the restoration of our planet with their socks.

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