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Save the Eagles

With Busch Wildlife Conservation

North America boasts several eagle species, but two reign supreme: the iconic bald eagle and the fierce golden eagle. Both soar across diverse landscapes, from Alaska's tundra to Florida's sun-drenched swamps.

Florida holds a special place for eagles, especially bald eagles. 

Eagles were once ravaged to near-extinction by DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, a chemical compound with a "complex" history) and habitat loss. 

Thanks to the banning of DDT in 1972, the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, and dedicated conservation efforts, the bald eagle made a remarkable recovery. It was successfully removed from the endangered species list in 2007. Over 1,400 pairs now nest in the state. However, lead poisoning from fish and habitat loss due to coastal development still pose threats.

closeup of bald eagle head
closeup of golden eagle

Golden eagles, rarer in Florida, frequent the Panhandle and south-central regions.

While not facing immediate threats of extinction, the golden eagle's population faces regional variations. Globally, it's listed as Least Concern by the IUCN, with an estimated 170,000-250,000 individuals.

In some regions, like parts of Europe and North Africa, golden eagle populations have declined due to habitat loss, persecution, and poisoning. In the United States, wind turbine collisions pose a new threat.

Protecting nesting sites, reducing human-caused mortality, and managing prey populations are crucial for ensuring the golden eagle's long-term stability.

Bald eagles were once on the brink of extinction due to DDT, habitat loss and hunting

Nestled among the pines of Jupiter, Florida, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary offers a haven for injured and displaced animals. This non-profit sanctuary dedicates its heart to healing wildlife, educating the community, and championing environmental conservation.

BWS plays a vital role in Florida's ecosystem, acting as a beacon of hope for injured and orphaned wildlife. Their efforts focus on rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing animals back into their natural habitats, with a special emphasis on majestic eagles.

Beyond direct animal care, the sanctuary champions conservation through habitat restoration, ensuring healthy homes for returning wildlife; research and advocacy to protect Florida's biodiversity and educational programs. These initiatives engage children and adults with interactive exhibits and presentations, fostering a deeper understanding of wildlife and their environmental needs. 

closeup of eagle face
bald eagle soaring in the clear blue sky

Their dedication to eagles shines through in specific programs like:

Raptor Release Program: Rescuing and rehabilitating injured eagles, teaching them to hunt again, and ultimately releasing them back to soar.

Eagle Watch: Providing visitors with guided tours and observation opportunities to learn about these magnificent birds and appreciate their ecological importance.

10% of profits on our eagle socks are donated to Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

We donate 10% of profits from your 

eagle socks to

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Our philosophy

​​Restoring the biodiversity of our planet and its varied species is at the core of Bare Kind’s mission. By donating 10% of gross profits to charities that support the animals on our socks, we can continue fighting the fight against species extinction.

Bare Kind has been able to achieve an all-time high of donations in recent years. The business expanded its sock range to 40+ pairs and supports 25+ charities.

Our Charity Impact Reports highlight the projects we have been able to fund with our charity partners and the incredible animals we support. 

Our hope is that something as humble as a pair of socks can make a lasting impression on our world and change it for the better. A huge thank you goes out to all our customers who have wanted to make a difference and empower the restoration of our planet with their socks.

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