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Save the Snow Leopards

With Snow Leopard Trust

The elusive snow leopard (Panthera uncia) is renowned worldwide for its exquisite fur and is native to the rugged mountains of Central Asia.

Thriving in the cold and desolate landscapes of high altitudes, snow leopards have evolved perfectly to adapt to their environment.

However, the encroachment of human threats has cast uncertainty on their future. Although their habitat spans over 2 million km2, scientists estimate that only a small population of 3,920 to 6,390 snow leopards remains in the wild.

snow leopard in captivity

With up to approximately 6000 snow leopards remaining in the wild, these wild cats are marked as Vulnerable by the IUCN


The Snow Leopard Trust operates across all 12 countries where snow leopards are found, namely Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Russia, and Uzbekistan. 

They have dedicated on-ground conservation teams responsible for implementing community-based conservation and education programs, conducting vital scientific research, and actively contributing to policy development.

With the primary objective of safeguarding snow leopards, the Trust works with local communities to build conservation initiatives that also serve to lift them out of poverty cycles. 

Community livelihoods depend heavily on livestock for sustenance and income. Unfortunately, snow leopards occasionally prey on their livestock, leading to conflict and hardship. In response, some members of these low-income communities resort to retaliatory killings or poaching of snow leopards, either to protect their herds or to earn extra income.

To address this complex issue, the Trust's community-based conservation programs aim to break the cycle of poverty and create incentives for herders to protect local wildlife and ecosystems. 

By fostering a sense of stewardship towards the environment, we work towards reducing conflicts between humans and snow leopards while promoting sustainable coexistence.


10% of profits on our Snow Leopard socks are donated to Snow Leopard Trust to support conservation and education initiatives

We donate 10% of profits from your 

snow leopard socks

The Snow Leopard Trust

Our philosophy

​​Restoring the biodiversity of our planet and its varied species is at the core of Bare Kind’s mission. By donating 10% of gross profits to charities that support the animals on our socks, we can continue fighting the fight against species extinction.

Bare Kind has been able to achieve an all-time high of donations in recent years. The business expanded its sock range to 40+ pairs and supports 25+ charities.

Our Charity Impact Reports highlight the projects we have been able to fund with our charity partners and the incredible animals we support. 

Our hope is that something as humble as a pair of socks can make a lasting impression on our world and change it for the better. A huge thank you goes out to all our customers who have wanted to make a difference and empower the restoration of our planet with their socks.

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