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Mother's Day Gifts that Give Back

Mother's day - it creeps up on us every year! It's a day where we want to show our appreciation through thoughtful gifts, flowers, chocolate..... but gift shopping can be tiring when you are running out of ideas. 

So how about some Mother's Day Gift's that Give Back?

You can give the gift of giving as well as the gift of, well... an actual gift. 

So here are some cool gift ideas I have come across that might help with your quest!

1. Of course I am going to throw my own socks in the mix. I sell bamboo socks where 10% of the profits are donated to animal conservation and rescue charities. 

Not only will you be giving some beautifully soft and high-quality socks (with super cute designs), but you can give that 'warm fuzzy-feeling' inside because you're saving animals!!

2. A share a hug necklace. Handcrafted in the UK with £25 from each sale going directly to Women for Women International, helping female survivors of war rebuild their lives. 
3. And another Mother's day gift that gives back. This Affirmation Culture candle supports organisations making ground in the Black Lives Matter movement. 
There are so many amazing companies out there who are giving back to charity as well as bringing you products you can love and cherish. 
Have you found any companies that follow this charity giving model? Please share!

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