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Species Saturday Vol 15: Red rag to a Robin

Another Christmassy Species Saturday for you, this week we are talking about robins 🎄

Robin perched on tree branch

🪶 There is no emoji for a robin, and I would really like one
🪶 Robins may look cute, but you don't want to to cross them! They are fiercely territorial and have been known to fight to the death of their patch! Their red breast is used as a territorial warning flag to other robins.
🪶 Robins are said to have a 'red-breast' but it's actually orange. The reason we went for red is because we didn't have the word orange until we started importing Oranges in the 16th century
🪶 They have starred on Christmas cards since Victorian times
🪶 Robins are actually doing pretty well as a species, with populations rising 45% since the 1970s

Info sourced from Living with Birds

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