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World Polar Bear Day

World Polar Bear Day is celebrated on the 27th of February each year to raise awareness about the plight of these majestic creatures.

While we celebrate their beauty and uniqueness, let's take the chance to raise awareness on polar bears today. You can help by wearing your polar bear socks! 🧦 🐻‍❄️

polar bear crawling in a sanctuary

The awesome success of our polar bear bamboo socks

The moment we launched our polar bear socks last winter, we ran out of stock almost instantly! That's great news for saving the polar bears, we had so many supporters and people willing to fight for them - thank you so much in joining our mission to save endangered animals! Thanks to your support, we planted 110 mangrove trees with Sea Trees! These trees help reduce the rising sea levels around coastlines, protecting more of the arctic habitat ❄️🧊

Unfortunately, while the world continues to face supply and shipping troubles, we won't have these polar bear socks back in stock for a while. However, we also save other arctic animals, such as orcas and walruses. Our walrus bamboo socks donate 10% of profits to the same charity as our polar bear bamboo socks: Sea Trees. Each sock helps to plant a mangrove tree, protecting the arctic's ice and environment, letting these incredible animals live more peacefully! Fight for the other arctic animals, with polar bears, today! 

About polar bears

Polar bears are one of the most iconic animals in the world but, similarly to giant pandas, orangutans and many other animals, they are also one of the most threatened species due to climate change and other human activities. To help spread awareness and appreciate the polar bears more, let's delve into some polar bear fun facts! 

Fact #1: well, don't you just dig that?! 💤

Polar bears are great hunters, but after feeding, their next big priority is conserving energy. That means lots of sleep! Who knew they needed 7-8 hours a day PLUS naps? In winter, polar bears dig their own little shallow pits to sleep in. But they don't just dive right in - oh no, their sides or back must be facing the wind. 

polar bear underwater

Fact #2: beauty sleep. Yes, even through storms. 🌨️

Polar bears can sleep right through blizzards. As if their fur wasn't enough, the snow acts like an insulting blanket as it continues to pile atop them! Refreshing... and apparently cosy! 

In the summer, they sleep on the sea ice, and their paw (or a block of ice!) is used as a pillow. Comfy!

Fact #3: Fur not dry? Heat go bye. ❆

Matty, dirty and wet fur is an incredibly poor insulator. But hunting and feeding gets messy. So how do polar bears keep themselves clean and dry when on the ice? 

They spend around 15 minutes washing off, shaking off the excess water and rubbing in the snow! Simple, efficient. Nature knows best! 

group of polar bears washing up near the shore

Fact #4: When do polar bears want to play? 

Polar bears communicate that they want to play when they wag their heads from side-to-side. How do polar bears play together? Mock battles! Sparring, like boys do. They stand on their hind (back) legs, paws up, chin tucked into the chest and play 

Save more arctic animals! 

Our arctic range currently includes orca socks and walrus socks. 

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