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Bare Kind is features in BBC wildlife, Telegraph and radio stations across the UK!

Bamboo Socks that Save Animals

Bamboo horse socks for adults

Colourful bamboo socks for men and women in every style! The perfect accessories and socks for animal lovers. 

Farm Gift Box of 3 bamboo socks for adults

Your gifts, sorted with Bare Kind. Shop from a variety of ready made gift boxes and mystery boxes!

Orangutan bamboo socks for kids

Find matching socks for your family with bamboo crew socks for kids that save animals! They make delightful gifts for kids too!

Door mouse bamboo socks for adults

The world's most comfortable socks

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for the jazziest, comfiest bamboo socks for animal lovers!

These are socks that stay soft no matter the season, keep you fresh and away from sweaty toes and soles in summer, yet stay cosy in winter. 

Shop Our Mens Best Sellers for father's Day!

Meet the Founder!

I started this company in 2018 intending to bring you products that you love 

while also adding value to the world. 

I believe that we can change the world through something as humble as a pair of socks, which is why we donate 10% of the profits from every pair to help save animals. 

Whoever wears these socks can also wear a smile on their face, 

knowing they are doing their part for the animals. 

Lucy Jeffrey

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What Animal savers think

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10% of profits from every pair to charity

At Bare Kind, we create socks to save animals and make people feel good. 

Thanks to your support, we've partnered with 30+ charities worldwide to save animals on every continent. We've never been more excited to expand our network and save even more animals! 

That's why we publish an Impact Report every year featuring all the protection and conservation programmes our community of animal-savers has helped fund. Be it habitat protection, species relocation, antibiotic treatment or education initiatives - we've got them all! 

Here are just some of our incredible charity partners. 

Join our animal-saving community! 
Follow us on @barekind and use the hashtag #barekindbamboosocks to be featured! 
Door mouse socks
hare socks
flamingo: explore impact
gouldian finch bamboo socks
orangutan trainer socks
eagle: explore impact
chicken bamboo socks