International Sloth Day

International Sloth Day

International Sloth Day

October 20

Do you know of an organisation called the AIUNAU? It's a non-profit organisation founded in Columbia dedicated to environmental and wildlife conservation. The AIUNAU created International Sloth Day in 2010 after an international meeting on the animal's wellbeing and safety. The were appalled at the extent of cars and power cables in sloth casualities, and the number of sloth captures. However, thankfully, each sloth rescued by the AIUNAU is nursed back to health and then released into the wild.

 According to the organisation: 

 "Sloth International Day was created as a necessity to bring the world of sloths and their habitat to everyday people to raise awareness towards other living beings and our environment. It is important to know more about sloths, so special, cryptic and shy creatures that inspire and awake our tenderness. There is a lot that they can teach us – respect, tenderness, enjoyment, sharing…. Nevertheless, without any consideration, we contribute to their extinction."

Saving Sloths

Since the release of Save the Sloths socks at the end of September, together, we've raised enough money to protect over 13 square metres of rainforest land with the Sloth Conservation Foundation! That's about a fifth of the size of an average terraced home in the UK! 

Want to Help Save the Sloths?

BK Sloth socks photoshoot

Wear your sloth socks today! Mention that today's International Sloth Day to everyone you meet - tell them all about sloths! We need to raise as much awareness about them as we can. If you want some more information on them, you can check out this blog post where we tell you a little bit about how scientists found sloths back in the mid 1700s and other fun facts!

Not got your pair yet? Find it here! If you've got a little human or two nearby you, you can buy a pair for them too and play matchup

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