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Practical Business Tips | #01 | Learn from your mistakes and move on

We seem to be in the age of the entrepreneur, which means there are so many other people out there you can learn from when starting and running your own business. 

Which is why I am starting this blog/vlog series on

Practical Business Tips

All I am going to do is very briefly cover off 3 practical things I have learned in my week, to be honest they're going to be 3 mistakes I've made and recovered from because it is really important to learn from your mistakes and move on. If you want to watch the video version of this post, you can watch me talk about my practical business tips now!

The good news is, you can just learn from my mistakes instead!

1. Version control

I made the mistake of assuming the cloud held all the power and all my documents were safe. Alas the cloud does not provide version control, for some reason a very important document reverted back to an older version, losing about 2 weeks worth of work. 

It could have been worse, but I'm now investing in an external hard drive and will use Time Machine on my Mac to back everything up, including version control. There are many other ways to provide substantial back ups, and varying in cost, I advise investing time in to finding a sensible solution. Learn from my mistake and move on!

2. Ergonomics 

I am suffering with neck pain at the moment. When people say you should set up your work station correctly - they are absolutely right. I'm sharing my partner's sit/stand desk until my own one arrives, but I'm afraid to say some damage has already been done and it's a literal pain in the neck. The NHS even provides advice on how to sit at your desk correctly, so it must be important...

3. Record your triumphs 

My first month as a full time entrepreneur, I just went through in a whirlwind trying to get everything done at once, and then came out of the month feeling like I hadn't achieved much. 

Take some time, set your goals and take note of the wins (no matter how small), because at the end of the month you can then reflect on all the awesome work you did. And even better, at the end of the year you've got a whole record of everything you've done. It will help beat down the Imposter Syndrome that's trying to take your achievements away from you. 

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