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Species Saturday Vol 7: Gorillas are heavier than lions

We continue Species Saturday this week with another mighty animal... the gorilla. Did you know...

adult gorilla walking in grasslands

🦍 The silverback gorillas can weigh up to 200kg (that's a bit heavier than a fully grown lion for anyone who was paying attention last week)
🦍 They can be individually idenitifed from the marks on their noses, like human fingerprints
🦍 Gorillas can get any pregnant at any time of the year, unlike many other species who have seasonal mating times
🦍 There are two species of Gorilla - Eastern and Western. Both are critically endangered but Mountain Gorilla populations have started to rise to over what they used to be (still a long way to go though!)

gorilla sitting in the forest, observing its surroundings

Facts sourced from Nat Geo and TreeHugger

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