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We are now trusted by the Royal College of Podiatry

Our Bamboo socks, on top of looking great, are also great for feet. They are thermoregulating (keep your feet warm in winter, cool in summer), sweat wicking and do good (plastic free packaging, non toxic dyes and recyclable cardboard shipping packaging) 

So we are honoured to now be trusted by the Royal College of Podiatry (RCPOD). 

We worked with RCPOD to create a professional development email with their podiatrists to share the benefits of Bamboo socks. Including all of the necessary scientific footnotes. 

So I wanted to share what that email looked like below. 

Podiatrists play an incredibly important part in peoples lives, keep them literally on their feet! So to work with RCPOD https://rcpod.org.uk/ has been fantastic. 

You can even find the podiatrists which stock our socks here: https://barekind.co.uk/pages/store-locator


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