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Whale Awareness Month

Whale-lovers, welcome to Whale Awareness Month! 

Celebrated every February, this month is also home to World Whale Day on the third Saturday of this month. Can you guess who founded the holiday? (Answer at the bottom of the post!) 🤫

To celebrate the whales, we're going to share some fun facts about the three different species we have on our Bare Kind socks. 🐳

And guess what? Since it's the start of the year, we can even share how your whale and orca socks helped the Whale and Dolphin Conservation save more whales! 💙

Whale-tale notes #1: The enchanting and vocal Beluga Whale 

Also known as the sea canary and white whale, Beluga whale songs can be heard through boat hulls and above the surface!

These innocent whales are recognisable by their white colouring 'globular head'. Can you guess what language their name comes from? Russian! The word 'bielo' means white ⚪️ 🐳

Pods (groups) of beluga whales can host hundreds, and you'll often find them around Canadian waters. 

Whale-credible impact #1: The anti-whale-capture project nominated for the fishing industry's sustainability award

Several whale lovers like yourself supported a groundbreaking project to stop the capture of whales in Scottish waters. This helps fishermen safely free trapped whales (and dolphins)! 🌊

Whale-tale notes #2: The largest brains in the animal kingdom

Introducing the Sperm Whale... unlike any other whale species, sperm whales spend much of their lives in the deepest parts of the oceans, hunting.

Their heads hold substantially large volumes of a liquid called spermaceti, but the biological reason remains uncertain. Some scientists believe it supports the whale's buoyancy because sperm whales can dive as deep as 3,280 feet (that's exactly 990.74 metres)! 😮 🐋 

Psst! They also eat about a ton of fish and squid a day! 

Whale-credible impact #2: Feeding Southern-Resident Orcas 

After a 20-year battle, the Klamath River dams in Oregan and California are finally going to be removed, 7 of those years were supported by the WDC. This allows for salmon, a crucial food-source for the local orcas, to return to the waters and support the ecosystem. 

Whale-tale notes #3: Masters of Melody... the Great Humpback Whale

Humpback whales sing some of the longest and most complex tunes in the animal kingdom.

Can you guess one of their more vocal seasons? Hint: It's no coincidence that today's Valentine's Day! 

That's right, Humpback whales are particular vocal during mating season. Who knew? Music brings all together apparently! Though they spend much of their lives on the move. Can you imagine moving when you're 17 metres long??

Whale-credible impact #3: The support of 10,000+ people

Called onto the government for stronger laws to protect the whales. This supported English goalkeeper, Ben Foster's project to keep UK dolphins out of fishing nets! 🐳

Want to save even more marine life this month? 

Check out our ocean range here

    Together we can protect our world's beautiful deep blue oceans with simple gifts perfect for animal lovers. These socks are unisex, so they're perfect gifts for men, ladies, and make novel birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, graduation gifts and more! Let's save our world's marine life together! 

    Psst! Greg Kauffman invented World Whale Day! It originates in Maui, Hawaii to commemorate when the humpback whales local to the region return to the coast. Some of the most beautiful resorts in Hawaii can be found on Maui, perfect for a relaxing vacation.

    Kauffman wished to raise awareness about the glorious humpback whale and the threat of whale extinction from unregulated whaling practice. 

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