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Save the Turtles Bamboo Socks

Save the Turtles Bamboo Socks

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These blue and green bamboo socks save the turtles! (Also available in kids sizes)

Perfect for the calm and easygoing type, our thermoregulating socks are softer than cotton and wash best at 30 degrees. Protect your feet, protect the planet and protect the turtles.

These socks are great for working in the office or working from home in comfort. Their sweat-wicking abilities makes them great for workouts, and we even have groomsmen wear our socks for their weddings! Perfect socks for all occasions.

10% of profits on these socks donate to the Turtle Foundation. To view our bamboo sock impact, read our reports here. If you'd like to explore our other charity partners, check the directory out here

Our bamboo socks make the perfect colourful gift for any animal lover. Choose from 40+ designs and premade sets all year round.

Size Guide


We have 2 main Sizes:

  • UK 7-11 | USA 8-12 | EU 40.5-47
  • UK 4-7 | USA 5-8 | EU 37-40.5

Kids Sizes

  • Age 9-12 | UK 12-3 | USA 12.5C-3.5Y | EU 30-35
  • Age 6-8 | UK 9-12 | USA 9.5C-12.5C | EU 26-30
  • Age 3-5 | UK 6-9 | USA 6.5C-9.5C | EU 22.5-26

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Dan B
Comfy Turtle Socks

The sock are very nice, very good quality, warm and comfy. This was the opinion of the person I gave them to as a Christmas gift. There was a meaning behind the turtles from a trip we took so I was happy to find this product and give them as a gift. Also customer service was really super helpful with a problem I had. Thanks!

Thank you for your review of our turtle socks! It is wonderful to hear the recipient loved them and what they represent!


These socks are fantastic but I’m perpetually disappointed you only offer free patterns in the 11-15 sizes. Do you not think people with big feet don’t love animals too? It’s lowkey depressing. Every Christmas my partner gives me two or three pairs of your socks and I can’t even give him any in return because even though he loves your socks he already has the black panthers, orangutans, and now turtles. Like why? I asked over a year ago and you said you’d be bringing in more socks in the largest size “soon”. I think you have a different definition of “soon”. The socks are fantastic, the choices of patterns are rubbish unless you’re a kid or have small feet.

Hiya, thank you for your 5 star review and for loving our socks!
Of course any one with any sized feet can love animals and we would hope that everyone loves our socks as well! We are constantly wanting and trying to bring out new designs as well as expanding our 11-15 range. It is an aim of ours but unfortunately it can take a very long time to bring out new socks, so much needs to happen behind the scenes! 😲

All the best,
Bare Kind Team

John Reddin
Bulk purchase

I got several family members these socks as a fun stocking filler and everybody loves them and it also feels good to know we have contributed in a small way towards your conservation efforts

A great idea for stocking fillers & I am so glad they all loved them! Thank you for your support!


They were a gift.

Fingers crossed they loved their socks!